AJ McBlain

IMG_0008AJ has spent his whole life playing games. With a degree and diploma in recreation and leisure services, AJ has been teaching, leading, and providing experiences for youth for over 15 years. Combined with a passion for the gospel, AJ  uses his experience to minister to the youth in Mackenzie BC as the Area Director.

AJ and his wife Jen have lived in BC for three years with their two daughters, and have been leading a community youth group. This work has given AJ a burden for the youth in Mackenzie and he hopes to reach every young person in that community with the life-changing message of Jesus!



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Merry Christmas


ChristmasJen and I are blown away daily by God. We don't have the words to explain how much our new role in God's plan and all our partners have blessed us. The people partnered with us in this ministry and the town itself have left us speechless.

The gift of the new journey we are on with YFC and the people who support us is extra apparent at Christmas. We would like to offer a sincere and genuine Merry Christmas and thank you so much for what has been in my experience the best year of my life.


Radiate North

nessNess Lake Bible Camp in Prince George invited me to speak at their Radiate North youth conference. They suggested I bring some youth for it as well, so four youth Kathleen, Jen and I went to PG for the weekend.

I'm not sure if I didn't get the right information or whatever but this conference was meant for the "best of the best of the christian youth". It was meant to be a deep theological, faith building conference with 4 hour long session everyday and deep prayer session etc.

The youth that came with me were new Christians and non christians, some of them had never opened the bible before! I was very nervous how the weekend would turn out putting these people who are young in their faith into deep worship and bible study session. It turned out amazingly! Never feel discouraged to bring new believers or non believers on a mission trip or conference. This conference was such a blessing for all of us and we all want to go back next year.


Celebrate Mac50

mac50I was on the board for Mackenzie's big 50th year celebration and the celebration was a huge success. Two weeks ago the board from Celebrate Mack 50 gave me a call and offered YFC Mackenzie a grant! They said they have heard a lot of good things about YFC and they wanted to give back. What an honour and significant gift. The Lord is moving in all Mackenzie not just the youth.


Too many Kids

When we started the JR youth group we made the ages 9 - 12. When the 12 year olds were ready to move up to senior youth group we realized that it is still a bit too young. This year we moved to more traditional youth group ages, grade 6 - 8 and grade 9 and up. We figured any of the grade 4s and 5s that were in the program the year before could be grandfathered in, no problem.

There was a little problem. There were way more grade 4s and 5s that came as well as many others from 6 - 8. We actually had 27 kids altogether on Thursday! If we go like this much longer we will loose our grade 8 group because there are too many "little kids". On the other hand we don't want to refuse kids especially ones who have already been coming to YG. Additionally when you try ministering to everyone you really minister to no one. There is no opportunity for conversation and relationship building.

My first reaction was I don't have the time/resources/power to run another youth group. We will have to find someone else or turn away the young kids. While praying and talking with the committee, God revealed that I do in fact have the time, power and resources in Him to run another youth group. I had to repent on my lack of faith and now I am working on creating the Kids Club in Mackenzie.

The Kids club will be for grades 4, 5 and any grade 6s that want to stay with the younger kids. This program (Lord willing) will be the first and third Wednesday of every month provided we find another leader to run it with me. So please pray for another leader and for these kids.


Lunch with Jen

IMG_0278Since we live so close to the high school now Jen has started inviting youth to our house for lunch. This has become so popular that she now has a regular group of girls every Monday for lunch.

This is such an amazing ministry that just sort of happened without even thinking. Looking back we recognize God's hand in moving us and providing for us.

Jen looks forward to every Monday lunch now. She makes really cool meals and hangs out with the girls. Jen's spiritual gifts include hospitality and encouragement. She now investing these gifts into these youth and it is so awesome. Not to mention the really good lunches I get to come home to hehe.


Let the good times roll

gamesIn our leisure Jen and I love to play board games. It is not strange for us to have people over 4 nights a week to play games and socialize. We will invite anyone with the time to spare and often it is youth we have met in the community.
As part of our new ministry I wanted to run programs that weren't "religious" as an opportunity just to start relating with the youth and get to know them better without a hidden agenda. Jen and I thought this would be a great way for us to use our unnecessarily large board game collection for the glory of the Lord.

It just so happens that at the same time a friend of mine and the library were meeting about a board game evening at the local library. The problem was they couldn't pay staff to stay late and there wasn't anyone with insurance to volunteer for that responsibility. God is amazing and starting at the end of September there will be a partnership, Mackenzie public Library and Youth for Christ Mackenzie board game club called "Let the Good Times Roll" for 14 years and older. The age requirement is a bonus because we can begin integrating youth and adults together.



In the last few weeks I have had two youth hunt me down where ever I'm working and ask for help with school work. I see this as an immense blessing. Not only do I get a break from my work but these youth are comfortable coming to me for help. It seems a long way from asking about God, Truth and how to get saved but it really isn't. Real life interactions with youth is a major win!

While we are on the topic of homework, I vowed to never to go back to formal education 3 times in my life now. In spite of that I find myself back in school again. As part of the accreditation process for YFC I have some courses to complete some online and some on location. Even though I am not excited for academia again I am so pumped to be doing some real formal Bible courses. The questions I have been given are awesome and It's really a joy to go into the word and search for answers.


We would like to give you our house.

houseAny way you look at Jen and my situation with whatever budget tool or daily planner you use, going into full time ministry now is not financially, logistically or practically possible. That is to say, without the Lord we definitely could not do this.

Regardless of what it looked like from our perspective, we felt this was what God wanted us to do so we began cautiously moving forward. In the spring about a month after starting, a christian brother invited us over for a meeting and said "I don't know how to say this lightly so I will just be blunt. We want to give you our house".

Praise the Lord, what a blessing and a testimony to what God has in store for Mackenzie. We are now living free in a beautiful home, while we rent out our current home (which God also miraculously put into place). This is one part of what God has been doing in our lives so we are able to do this work



13417574_1051121858306749_6930398619165259470_nOne day I went on a canoe trip with some friends. One day I got up super early and found a cliff that overhung the water. I just sat on the cliff for a while and began to think of the things that matter most. While I was there I came to the conclusion that there must be a creator and that God exists. It was that day that begun the start of my new life. I changed, from a youth who didn't care much about anything, to a young man who desired to live his life to it's fullest. I have spent the rest of my life leading youth and educating myself to lead them better. This whole new adventure Jen and I are on with Youth for Christ stems from our desire to lead people to the same life changing experiences in order to bring out the best potential in every youth.

For example, the photo above was taken a couple weeks ago during our youth retreat. A dozen youth walked to the top of teapot mountain sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking summit lake and had an opportunity to think about life and the things that matter most.

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